Mee Panjang Chan Hin 振興長壽麵 400G
Price RM4.50
Product SKU B000018
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 4 cm x 35 cm

Net Weight淨重:400gsm

Bahan-bahan 成份:

Tepung gandum, Garam, Soda Bicarbonate, Warna yang diluluskan. 麵粉、鹽、小蘇打、食物色料。

#meepanjang #chanhin #振興長壽麵

Expired Date:31/3/2023

️此產品非常容易斷裂 我們無法負責在運輸過程當中導致的任何破損。謝謝諒解 如有不便 儘請原諒。

We did Quality Check for every item before pack and put in a thick cardbox.
This is fragile product and it is easily crack during transit, therefore we are unable to compensate for any cracked.
Sorry for any inconvenience that may caused.