Gulong Pork Luncheon Meat 古龍牌午餐肉 360G
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Product SKU CAN0006
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm
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EXPIRED DATE:10/11/2024

注意: 亲爱的顾客,此产品的包装是用是由較软的铝罐制成,会较为脆弱,用手随便压一压就会扁或变形。肯定的是,我们在包装之前都对每个项目进行了质量检查。但是運輸公司会把所有的包裹大大小小装在大卡车里 ,运输过程中会有难免的意外,包裹都会被抛及丢的。这可能是由于快递服务处理不善所致。 作为过境的一部分,不可避免的是,货运也要由不同的人员来处理。其次,我们正在做环境友好的做法,并且以前我们使用气泡包装纸,因此凹入的机会要比使用盒子的机会高。 只有0.1%-0.2%的订单有此问题。我们在此先声明 完美主义者请绕道 。谢谢合作 !

Note: Dear customer, the packaging of this product is made of softer aluminum cans, which will be more fragile and will be flattened or deformed by pressing it with your hands.  To be sure, we have carried out quality checks on each item before packaging.  However, the transportation company will load all the packages in large and small trucks, and there will be unavoidable accidents during the transportation, and the packages will be thrown and lost.  This may be due to the poor handling of the courier service.  As part of the transit, it is inevitable that the freight will also be handled by different personnel.  Secondly, we are doing environmentally friendly practices, and previously we used bubble wrap, so the chance of recession is higher than the chance of using a box.  Only 0.1%-0.2% of orders have this problem.  We first declare that perfectionists please detour.  Thank you for your cooperation!